Wayfinder Survival Bracelet

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As a testament to our love for the outdoors & the military, the Wayfinder Survival Bracelet came about. Wayfinder marks are specific key points that hikers, travelers and vagabonds used and still use to help guide their travels, lending its name to this survival bracelet.

Paracord is an essential material of anyone who spends time in the field or outdoors. A critical element of any survival kit, paracord can be used for emergency boot laces, fishing line, tying off tarp to trees, even a makeshift dog leash to those who take their beloved puppers with them into the wild.

Not only armed with nearly 10 inches of paracord length in case of emergencies, a compass is snugly secured to the bracelet so whenever crisis arises and you find yourself lost, you're armed with tools to help find your way home & be ready.


Material: Nylon

Colors: Tactical Black, Olive Drab Green

Weight: 1.2 oz

Length: 9.4 in