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Personal training will be conducted around the Fredericksburg, Virginia locale. Reasonable exceptions can be made with discussion.

All sessions are 60 minutes long and all bundles include macro coaching.

    Training routines and macros will be assigned and recorded mainly using My PT Hub, as well as MyFitnessPal on occasion.

    Doing so with these will aid in optimal tracking & efficiency for both parties.

    Keeping to the mantra of the FireHeart brand, we're here to be valorous in our efforts, and to be stronger together.

    More progress, accountability and higher efficiency.

    Plateaus can be identified & rectified easier, as well as keeping you accountable without spamming check-ins to you, giving you more time & freedom!



    FireHeart Coaching believes in helping save cash without cutting quality.

    The base session rate starts at $70, per session. Receive an additional $10 off per session for every five you purchase & free Bracer Battle Wraps for the 15 bundle!

    The 25 session bundle saves you the most, as well as includes:

    -One free session

    -Free pair of Bracer Battle Wraps

    As well a free session for every 25 individual sessions purchased!

    Ready to furiously smash through your limits and achieve new levels of your best life? Let's do it together!

    We also offer online personal training for those who want the training from out of area, or those who wish to lone wolf training with aid from afar. This can be a good option for anyone who's not in Fredericksburg, but desires their macro & training routine coached & managed. This is only offered in the 5 session bundle upwards at minimum.