Battle Bracer Wraps

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Everyone needs support in some way, shape and form.

Give your wrists the backup they deserve with the Battle Bracer Wraps, and really put the latent power you've got in you to work.

Great for a variety of things, including helping stabilize the joint for movements such as pushups and dips, better protect the wrist in sports against impact, helping support heavy loads in lifting like squats and thrusters, and even helping relieve pain and swelling.

Lightweight, durable, elastic, and breathable, the Battle Bracer Wraps are here to support you unflinchingly dominate your workouts.


-Sold in pairs, two color choices: Blood Red or Frost Blue

-3.7 oz

-19 in length

-3.25 in width

-Heavy duty reinforced stitching

-Reinforced hook hold