About Us

FireHeart Fit Gear was conceived in June of 2019, with the idea in mind to bring a tempered spirit, and heart of storytelling to the realm of fitness & fitness equipment.

Evoking the inherent adventurous nature of the human soul, FireHeart Fit Gear not only seeks to meet the needs of valorous souls in their fitness journey, but life as well. Life and fitness are both a littany of encounters, ones that test the mettle of all. FireHeart Fit Gear is here to aid in fighting back against such tests, to see you come out on top in finest form in unrepentant victory.

Storytelling is another big element of the brand, for history is one massive storytelling of the victors of yore. Each item carries a background, a tale of what it is inspired from and the spirit it carries. Each item also wants to help you weave your own story, to masterfully forge songs of hard-earned victory for your grueling efforts.

FireHeart Fit Gear is here to see the lows and highs of your experiences, your strife, your conquerings, your blood, sweat, tears, and joyous wins with you: not just as a brand, but a fellow warrior, ally, and friend to you. Into battle march~